Save Our River

Uniting for the Preservation of Our River

In the heart of our community flows a lifeline that has sustained us for generations – our beloved river. Its waters weave a tapestry of life, providing sustenance, recreation, and a source of serenity for all who reside in its embrace. However, the river front that has defined our community and is home to many wildlife, is now facing the threat of extreme eradication.

As we stand at this critical juncture, it becomes imperative for us to join hands and take action to save our river from further harm. The time has come to foster a collective commitment to its preservation, ensuring that the generations and wildlife to come can continue to enjoy the myriad benefits it bestows upon us.

Sign up to receive updates as well as an opportunity to make your voice heard.  We hope to provide a pre-filled email to be sent to key public officials, like county supervisors Rich Desmond and Dr. Ami Bera, and Sac Regional Parks.

Your information will only be used solely for the purpose of this action.  Thank you for taking the time and we look forward to saving our river!

Jaime Becker